Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

3-5 year old female Westie. Will be companion to another female Westie. Will travel to nearby states for the right dog.


Breed(s): West Highland Terrier (Westie)
Age Group: Young, Adult
Months/Years: 3-5 Years
Gender: Female
Location: Mount Pleasant, SC
Contact Person: Betsy Arrington
Contact Role: Friend
Contact Via: Facebook
Dog Request:

I have a friend who is searching for a 3-5 year old female West Highland Terrier near SC. She will be a companion to another female Westie, as well as her people. Will be spoiled and given the best of care. Located in Mount Pleasant, SC, but will travel to nearby states.

Additional Information:
  • Must get along well with other female dogs.
  • Adopter willing to travel to nearby states for the right dog.


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