Asheville, NC

Non-breed specific. Sweet-natured and great with kids. Up to medium sized. No undercoat. Will travel 100 miles from Asheville.


Breed(s): Not Breed Specific
Age Group: Young, Adult
Gender: Either (Looked at Female)
Size: Small, Medium
Location: Asheville, NC (100 Mile Radius)
Contact Person: Collette-Take a Pet
Contact Role: Adoption Facilitator
Phone: 828.367.7667
Facebook: Take a Pet
Dog Request:

We are looking for a primarily inside, house trained, sweet-natured dog that loves kids and won’t jump up on them.  We live in the woods at the end of Beaverdam and we do spend a lot of time playing outside. Not breed-specific, but no undercoat and no bigger than medium sized.

Additional Information:
  • Must be good with kids (no jumping)
  • No undercoat
  • Willing to travel within a 100 mile radius of Asheville for the right dog.
  • Originally interested in Molly.

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