Cary, North Carolina

Female standard Dachshund (the bigger the better). Wanted as a companion for elderly, disabled woman and her 10 year old male Dachshund. Must be housebroken.


Breed(s): Standard Dachshund
Age Group: Adult, Senior
Gender: Female
Size: Standard, Maxi (Bigger is Better)
Location: Cary, NC
Contact Person: Take a Pet
Contact Role: Adoption Facilitator
Phone: 828.367.7667
Facebook: Take a Pet
Dog Request:

I have a potential adopter who is interested in what she calls a “Maxi Doxie,” (basically the bigger the better). She is an elderly, disabled woman so a calm, mellow dog would be best. She is looking for a companion for herself and her 10 year old male Dachshund. She is only interested in female dogs.

She has a fenced in yard and is having a dog door installed. She uses a walker and cannot take the dog for walks so the dog MUST be housebroken.

Because of the advanced ages of both the adopter and the resident dog, I’m suggesting a senior dachshund. The adopter has made arrangements for the dogs to go to her son when she passes away.

Additional Information:
  • Bigger Dachshund preferred
  • Must be female.
  • I’m suggesting a senior.
  • Resident dog is a 10 year old male Dachshund.
  • Must be housebroken

Dogs Found:

Prissy ($50 + Spay Surgery Cost)
Private Owner, Forest City, NC

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