Dallas, Texas

Female Standard or Small Giant Schnauzer. Must be solid black and female. Adopter will wait for the right dog.


Breed(s): Standard or Small Giant Schnauzer
Age Group: Any
Gender: Female
Size: Large, X-Large
Color: Solid Black
Location: Dallas, TX
Contact Person: Tobi Dawn Wallace Viles
Contact Role: Adopter
Contact Via: Facebook
Dog Request:

I am looking for a solid black, female Schnauzer. I would prefer a Standard or Small Giant. Age doesn’t matter, but it must be female and black.

I have grandkids who visit occasionally, so the dog must be ok with children.

I am in no hurry and will wait for the right dog to come along. I’m in the Dallas, TX area.

I am also willing to foster or foster-to-adopt.

Additional Information:
  • Must be solid black.
  • Should do well with children.
  • Must be female.
  • Adopter willing to foster.

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