Asheville, NC

Small dog or puppy under 30 lbs. Breed not important. No children or other pets in the home. Adoption fee under $100.


Breed(s): Any
Age Group: Baby, Young
Gender: Either
Size: Small, Medium
Weight: Under 30 Lbs.
Location: Asheville, NC
Contact Person: Take a Pet
Contact Role: Adoption Facilitator
Phone: 828.367.7667
Facebook: Take a Pet
Adoption Fee: Max $100
Dog Request:

I have an adopter looking for a small to medium dog or puppy. Must be under 30lbs when full-grown. Breed isn’t important, but the dog must be lovable and good with people.

The adopter is at home all day and will have plenty of time to spend and train the right dog. She wants a companion dog who she can love and spoil rotten. There are no children or other pets in the household.

She would prefer an adoption fee under $100.

Additional Information:
  • Breed unimportant
  • Must be under 30lbs.
  • No kids or other pets in home
  • Adopter is home all day
  • Adoption fee under $100


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