Kansas City, Missouri

Male or female puppy up to 18 months. Must get along with 3 year old resident Sheltie. Adoption fee no more than $150 (prefer free).


Breed(s): Shetland Sheepdog
Age Group: Baby, Young
Months/Years: Up to 18 Months
Gender: Male or Female
Weight: Under 25lbs.
Color: Any Color
Location: Kansas City, MO
Contact Person: Michelle Cameron
Contact Role: Adopter
Contact Via: Facebook
Adoption Fee: Max $150 (Prefer Free)
Dog Request:

My family is looking to add another Sheltie. We have a wonderful 3 year old and have fallen in love with the breed. I am a cat person, not dog – until this little Sheltie came into our lives. Now I love dogs!

We are looking for a male or female Sheltie. Age birth to 18 months. We are not looking to breed.

We are located just outside of Kansas City, MO. We will provide a warm, happy, loving home for our new addition. Not looking to spend more than $150. Free is best

Additional Information:
  • 3 year old Sheltie in home.
  • Age up to 18 months.
  • Not a breeder
  • Adoption fee under $150

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