Ollie is Adoptable


Animal ID: 27685400
Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog
Age: 6 Months
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Color: Tan, Black & White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Shots Current: Yes
Microchip: Yes
Adoption Fee: $300-$500

Ollie is a 6 month old Catahoula Leopard Dog puppy is available for adoption through Aussie And Me Animal Rescue near Sarasota, FL. Ollie is currently living in a foster home.

Ollie currently weighs approx. 27lbs and is a happy, healthy growing boy! He is crate trained, but housebreaking still a work in progress.

A little bit about his personality: Ollie Wallie is about as sweet as they come. He loves people, dogs and cats and wants to kiss them all! He has been exposed to children and did excellent. Chase is one of his favorite games with his dog friends as he LOVES to run! He is pretty gentle for a young dog and asks for lovins very nicely. Ollie can be a little timid in new places but warms up quickly. Leash training is still a work in progress but he is making strides toward becoming a good doggy citizen on a leash.

He enjoys the company of other dogs, but can be slightly possessive over his toys or goodies with them. He responds well to verbal correction though and goes on with his day. Even with the possessiveness, Ollie is still very submissive to most dogs, including all of the dogs that he currently lives with. Ollie currently lives with cats and is fine, he just wants to kiss them to death. He enjoys the water on his own terms and will jump in, swim and fetch if other dogs are doing the same. He is very much a monkey see monkey do kind of dog.

A perfect home for Ollie would include an active family, who wants a great all around dog. He would enjoy a home with another dog or cat but it isn’t necessarily a requirement. Ollie would love if someone in the family was a jogger or runner, but daily walks, hikes or dog park visits would be fine as well. A fenced in back yard would be ideal as he does enjoy playing in the yard, although not a deal breaker as he has a great recall already and could be taught to stay close by with consistency as he is very smart. If your family is looking for a gentle, sweet, good natured boy, Ollie is your pup!

And so the story begins… On October 24th early in the morning AAMAR got a call from a woman that worked at an industrial building saying that she had found 4 puppies in a crab trap, in a dumpster, behind her work. AAMAR immediately sent a volunteer to the location to pick up the puppies as it was said that they were in rough shape, but nothing could have prepared us for the condition they were in. All 4 puppies, two girls/two boys, were covered in burns and missing hair from having to live in their own feces. Infested with fleas, anemic and extremely dehydrated, the puppies were rushed to the vets where it was determined that they were only approx. 4 weeks old, the smallest puppy only weighing a pound, they were given medicated baths, dewormed and treated for their flea infestation, which was difficult due to their weight. It took weeks and multiple doses of flea prevention to rid them of their heavy infestation of fleas. Weeks passed and the puppies grew stronger and bigger eventually getting all of their hair back and becoming flea and parasite free. Today they’re all happy and healthy puppies and Ollies brother and sisters have all found their forever homes, now it is his turn!

If you are interested in adopting Ollie, please fill out AAMAR’s Adoption Application and email it to adoptions@aussieandme.org. AAMAR will contact you after reviewing your application. No phone calls please. If you have questions or receive no response from the rescue, please contact Take a Pet at 828.367.7667 or info@takeapet.com.

From the Rescue…

Ollie is one of the “Munchie” puppies, as their foster Mom calls them. He is extremely sweet and loves attention. He loves giving kisses with that sweet puppy breath of his! Don’t let his tear drop markings fool you, Ollie is anything but sad. He is a very healthy, happy, and bouncy puppy!

The “Munchie” puppies will not be available for adoption until November 26, 2013. Applications and deposits to hold a puppy will be mandatory once approved.

Adoption Fee: $300-$500

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccines, heartworm test, and heartworm/flea prevention.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from Aussie And Me, please fill out AAMAR’s Adoption Application and email it to adoptions@aussieandme.org. AAMAR will contact you after reviewing your application. No phone calls please. If you have questions or receive no response from the rescue, please contact Take a Pet at 828.367.3667 or info@takeapet.com.


If you are considering adopting an animal, but would like to ensure that they are a good fit and will thrive in your household, a Foster-to-Adopt situation may be considered. Contact Take a Pet for more information.

Short and Long-Term Fostering

We are always in need of good, reliable foster homes. If you can take a shelter animal into your home on either a short or long-term foster basis, we would love to talk to you! Please contact Take a Pet for more information or Sign-Up now.

Contact Information

Take a Pet

Phone: 828.367.7667
Email: info@takeapet.com

Aussie And Me Animal Rescue

Mailing Address: 319 Degas Drive, Nokomis FL 34275
Email: adoptions@aussieandme.org

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