Lacy was Adopted


Animal ID: 20605994
Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix
Age: 2.5 Years
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Color: White, Tan & Red
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Shots Current: Yes
Microchip: Yes
Adoption Fee: $85

Lacy is a sweet 2-1/2 year old Australian Shepherd mix who is available for adoption through Madison County Animal Services in Marshall, NC. Lacy is living in a foster home in Marshall, NC. For more information on Lacy or to meet her in person, contact the shelter at  (828) 649-3190 or

From the Previous Foster Family…

Lacy is a stunning Aussie mix who is about 2-1/2 years old. We first met Lacy, she was very shy, timid and nervous with both the shelter staff and with us while she was living in the shelter. She came out of her shell as soon as she arrived at our home. She began to trust us immediately and quickly settled into our routine.

Lacy has a lot of nervous energy that, if I had to guess, would say stems from lack of self-confidence and lack of attention in her “previous life.” She has a tendency to be overbearing when she feels she’s not being paid enough attention, and is often jealous when we give affection to our resident dog, a 6 year old female pit mix.

She is at her absolute BEST after some brisk exercise to burn off her excessive energy, and becomes calm, more submissive and eager to please. We have taken Lacy to dog-friendly restaurants and coffee shops after a good romp around a field, and she was amazing. Friendly with people and kids… happy to be touched and petted… and most importantly, calm, gentle and HAPPY. Hikers, bikers, runners, and all active people are ENCOURAGED to apply! Lacy LOVES riding in the car with her head out the window, and would make an awesome traveling companion. She would be very happy having a fenced in yard where she can run to her heart’s content.

The shelter suggested we feed Lacy separately from Ciega because Lacy doesn’t like to share her food. We followed their advice for the first few days, and shut them in separate rooms a few times a day to eat. Both dogs pick at their food rather than gobble it all down in one sitting, so we felt they weren’t getting enough to eat. We’ve started leaving their food bowls in separate rooms with the doors open, and keeping them full all the time. Lacy has no reason to fight for her food, and they don’t have to eat at the same time. We’ve not had a single problem. I would NOT recommend feeding her side by side with another dog just yet. Baby steps.

We’ve also noticed she has some toy and bone guarding issues, so I would watch her carefully if she’s playing with another dog… or if a child is near. She shows obvious signs that she’s getting irritated, and we reprimand her as soon as we see it. It seems to be working, but I wouldn’t let my guard down just yet.

We think Lacy would thrive in a home where she is the only pet, and will not have to share affection or attention. She does well with other dogs in most cases, but until we get these jealousy and resource-guarding issues under control, our recommendation is that she be an only pet.

Lacy understands and reacts well to reprimands. We are careful to use positive enforcement whenever possible, but there are times when a good, stern “NO” has to happen. She typically stops what she’s doing immediately, and becomes submissive while begging for your forgiveness.

Lacy learned how to walk on a leash very quickly. She was a bucking bronco the first day, but after less than a week, we had her walking around people and other animals in downtown Marshall. She’s a smart dog, eager to please, and treat-driven. That’s a winning combination for teaching her new things.

Lacy is house-trained and will pace and sometimes scratch at the door to get our attention. She’s an escape artist, though, and has gotten past me a couple of times as I was opening the front door. She runs around the yard for a while, does some “business,” and comes back to the porch when she’s tired. We were not prepared to start off-leash training yet, and as we don’t have a fence, were pleasantly surprised that she actually comes back in the house. I really wouldn’t label her a “runner”… she’s never gone far… but a fenced in yard (although not required) would be the safest bet.

She doesn’t chew or destroy things, and we haven’t had to “dog-proof”. She does not appear to have separation anxiety, and we see no need to crate. She seems very calm and relaxed when she’s by herself.

Lacy is a good dog who has the potential to become a GREAT dog and a loving companion. A little time, TLC, and training will go a long way towards making this girl the perfect pet!

Adoption Fee: $85

Includes spay/neuter, vaccines, deworming, microchip, and 30 days of FREE pet insurance.

Contact Information

Contact: Collette & Jeremy (Foster Family)
Address: Marshall NC 28753
Phone: (828) 367-7667

Shelter Information

Shelter: Madison County Animal Shelter
Address: 389 Long Branch Road, Marshall NC 28753
Phone: (828) 649-3190

Shelter Hours:
Tue-Fri: 10:00am-4:30pm
Sat: 10:00am-2:00 pm

After Hour Contact:

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