Terra is a super sweet 2 year old Great Pyrenees/Bloodhound mix who is available for adoption in Marshall, NC. We’ve been fostering this gentle giant for less than a month, and we’ve already fallen completely in love.

Terra was adopted with her sister 2 years ago as a puppy from a local shelter and was kept as a barn dog. For some reason, she and her sibling were no longer getting along, so the owners returned Terra to the shelter. Judging from what we’ve seen of Terra’s personality so far, we can’t imagine that she was the aggressor. She is typically gentle and submissive, and seems to get along well with other dogs.

We have a 5 year old female pit mix, and the two of them have had no problems aside from 1 incident that might be considered “food aggression.” The first time I fed the 2 dogs side by side, Terra finished first, and quietly growled to herself until Ciega finished her food. She didn’t go after Ciega or even try to take her food… it was almost like Terra was telling her to hurry up. I corrected the behavior right then and there and it hasn’t happened again.

When we got Terra, we were also fostering three 9 week old puppies who were EXTREMELY hyper. Terra growled and ran away from them when all three ganged up on her, but it didn’t appear to be an aggressive growl and she backed away rather than confronting them. I realy think she got overwhelmed and was telling them to back off. She was great with them one-on-one and showed more curiosity than fear.

Our neighbor has two large 1 year old male dogs who have been spending time with Terra almost every day since we brought her home. We have seen no aggression, growling, barking, biting, or anything else that would lead us to believe she is dog aggressive. They’ve had nothing but fun and we can see she enjoys when they’re around.

Terra can be shy around strangers, but warms up quickly. What we initially thought were fear issues, we now believe may be more a lack of self-confidence. As I’ve said, she spent her life in a barn and had little, if any, human companionship. She’s leary of people she doesn’t know, but we’ve not met anyone who she wasn’t willing to give a chance.

Terra LOVES to hike and would be a fantastic trail dog. She handles a doggie back pack like a champ, and actually seems to like having a job to do. When she hikes with the other 3 dogs, she becomes leader of the pack and the other dogs follow her without question. She’s very agile for such a big dog, and can steamroll her way up hills. She doesn’t appear to be afraid of heights and likes to climb and jump off of rocks.

Terra is also very calm and mellow. For as big as she is (and she’s huge), you hardly know she’s there. She refuses to get on the furniture or in the bed (God knows I’ve tried!), and she seems most contented just laying beside you on the floor.

Terra is housebroken and hasn’t had an accident in the house since we’ve had her. She really DOES NOT LIKE to go to the bathroom when tethered. She will hold it until you walk her, and even then she’s never thrilled. Terra would do best with a large, fenced in yard where she can roam freely and poop and pee at her leisure.

A fenced in yard would also be best because Terra tends to roam when off-leash. We can hold her attention for only so long before the hound dog starts coming out and she takes off following her nose. She has never gone far, and she’s always come back, but on her own time and when she’s damn good and ready. We’re working on that.
We don’t think Terra had ever been on a leash before we got her, but she figured it out after only a couple of days! She doesn’t pull at all, which I find amazing because she’s so big. On several occasions she has stopped dead in her tracks and refused to budge, but we haven’t had that issue at all in over a week. She’s a smart dog and learns very quickly.

Terra understands the word “no,” and she listens fairly well! We don’t have to reprimand her very often because she really doesn’t ever do anything wrong, but the few times we have, she’s stopped what she was doing immediately. She doesn’t chew or destroy things, nor does she appear to have separation anxiety. We have had no reason to use a crate, so I can’t tell you how she would do with it.

The main thing I want to stress is that Terra NEEDS affection. She loves to be petted, rubbed and scratched. She really enjoys being brushed. This dog needs someone who will spend time with her and help to build her confidence back up. She needs to know she’s loved and that she belongs. If you’re willing to do that, and gain her trust, you WILL have a loyal companion for life. She really IS a terrific dog.

Terra’s adoption fee is $85 through the shelter and covers spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, rabies vaccine, deworming and 30 days of free pet insurance.

If you would like more information or to meet Terra in person, please call or text Collette and Jeremy at 828-367-7667 or email adopt@takeapet.com.

Thanks for helping us save more lives!

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