Return and Adoption of Foster Animals

You may be asked to return your foster pet to the shelter or rescue for adoption. Oftentimes, the shelter will perform a health and behavioral evaluation to assess adoptability. The animals also typically get more exposure at the shelter or rescue, where potential adopters know to go looking for adoptable animals.

If your foster animal is scheduled to be returned to the shelter, we ask that you provide a special note about the dog for display on the animal’s kennel. These notes can be clever (and always honest), and should contain information about the dog’s personality and behavior. Most potential adopters are interested in knowing if the dog is house-trained and whether it gets along with children and other pets.

If a foster animal becomes ill while at the shelter and requires fostering again, the original foster family will be contacted first.

Adoption of a Returned Foster Animal

Foster parents should inform interested people that potential adopters must complete the standard adoption process, and may be asked to speak with an adoption counselor at the shelter before being allowed to adopt your foster pet. In some cases, approval may be granted for the foster parent to act as adoption counselor on the shelter’s behalf. To learn more about adoption counseling, please contact our Volunteer Department at

Adopters referred by foster families will be considered first during the adoption process.

We encourage adopters to contact Take a Pet or our foster volunteers with post adoption questions. Information about the Foster Network is also provided, along with your name and phone number, unless you request otherwise.
Many staff members are also Foster Volunteers and are always available to support you during and after the adoption process. You are not alone.

After the Adoption

Take a Pet’s staff works diligently to place animals in a loving homes. If your foster pet has been returned to the shelter or rescue, we will contact you when the animal is adopted. You are also welcome to call us to find out your animal’s adoption status.

Privacy laws prohibit most shelters and rescues from disclosing the names of your foster pet’s adopters. However, our Foster Department will gladly give you any general information that adopters have provided on their Adoption Profiles.

As foster parents, you have given the animals you have cared for and loved a very special gift—a second chance at a full and wonderful life.