Foster Family Duties

Daily Duties

  • Feed – may be necessary 2 to 4 times a day, every 4 hours or less for infants
  • Clean bowls
  • Supply fresh food and water
  • Clean area where animal urinates and defecates; check for problems (bloody urine, runny stools)
  • Accustom the animal to grooming
  • Check entire animal thoroughly for symptoms of health problems (especially important after spay/neuter surgery. This can be done while grooming.
  • Play with and socialize the animal.
  • We recommend that you keep written records of the animal’s weight, food intake, medicines, deworming/vaccinations and other information.

As Needed Duties

  • Check weight – every other day for very young, once a week for older animals.
  • Check regularly to ensure that all vaccine/deworming schedules are met and make appointments with Foster Department (may require trips to shelter).
  • Clean bedding
  • Trim nails – Accustoms the dog/puppy to having its feet worked with, lessens scratching damage
  • Schedule spay/neuter surgery during foster care, if applicable.  Please notify the Foster Coordinator when surgery has been scheduled and completed.