Central Pennsylvania

Male European GSD up to 4 years old. Dark color preferred. Must be good with female GSD and comfortable in a home with 6 cats.


Breed(s): European German Shepherd Dog
Age Group: Young, Young Adult
Months/Years: Up to 4 Years
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Color Preferred
Location: Central Pennsylvania
Contact Person: Marilyn Tilson
Contact Role: Adopter
Contact Via: Facebook / Dog Match
Dog Request:

I am looking for a male, European German Shepherd Dog that must be OK with at least my female German Shepherd Dog, and very importantly… my 6 cats. My female GSD is spayed, and I want a companion for her. Up to 4 years of age. Dark color preferred.

Additional Information:
  • Adopter has spayed female German Shepherd.
  • Adopter has 6 cats!


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