Tampa, Florida

Very young and preferably a puppy. Will consider all types of Mastiffs. Good temperament crucial.


Breed(s): English Mastiff or Other Mastiff
Age Group: Baby, Young
Months/Years: 2-10 Months
Gender: Female, Male
Location: Tampa, FL (Transport CBA)
Contact Person: Julie Benson
Contact Role: Adoption Facilitator
Contact Via: Facebook
Dog Request:

I have adopter seeking young English Mastiff. Puppy or very young. Will consider all types of Mastiffs, but are leaning towards the English Mastiff because of termerament. Awesome temperament is crutial. Must do well with their kids, dog and cat.

The adopters are in no hurry and willing to wait for the right dog. They are also willing to foster. Possible foster-to-adopt might work well for them.

Adopters live in the Tampa area, but transport can be arranged.

Additional Information:
  • Must do well will kids
  • Must do well with dogs
  • Must do well with cats
  • Transport can be arranged
  • Adopters willing to foster

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